Great Poor Farm Experiments I & II

Under the banner of the Great Poor Farm Experiment, artists from all over the world have completed a wide variety of projects as well as having been represented in exhibitions, performances and texts at Poor Farm.

Guiluamme Leblon (Paris)
Chris Sperandio (Houston )
Moira Roth (San Francisco)
David Dunlap (Iowa City) + Bruce Tapola (St. Paul)
Yvette Brackman (Copenhagen)
Simon Ingram (Wellington)
Duncan MacKenzie (Chicago) + Christian Kuras (London)
Lily Cox-Richard (Ann Arbor MI)
Linda Nochlin (New York)
Summer School (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Keil Borrman (New York)
Diego Leclery’s (Chicago)
Stephen Perkins (Green Bay)
Gerold Miller (Berlin)
Mike Andrews (Chicago)
Stan Shellabarger + Dutes Miller (Chicago)
Yogi Procter (Los Angeles)
Paul Druecke (Milwaukee)
John Neff (Chicago)
Nicholas Frank (Milwaukee)
Olivier Mosset, (New York/ Santa Fe)
David Robbins (Milwaukee)
Shane Aslan Selzer (Brooklyn)
Milwaukee International (Milwaukee)
Philip Vanderhyden (New York)
Stephen Berens (Los Angeles)
Zachary Cahill (Chicago)
Amy Park (New York)
Kimberly Miller (Milwaukee)
Cip Contreras (Nashville)
Stephanie Barber (Baltimore)
Matthew Girson (Chicago)
Aaron Van Dyke (St. Paul)
Shane Huffman (Chicago)
Pedro Velez (Chicago)
Heather Mekkelson (Chicago)
Sabina Ott (Chicago)
Doug Ischar (Chicago)
Modesto Covarrubias (San Francisco)
David Horvitz (San Francisco)
Mary Jane Jacob (Chicago)
Suzanne Lacy (Los Angeles)
Dinh Q. Le (New York)
Janet Kaplan (Philadelphia)
Annika Marie (Chicago)
Chuck Mobley (San Francisco)
Pauline Oliveros (New York)
Slobodan Dan Paich (San Francisco)
Faith Ringgold (New York)



All Over The Map | A Festschrift Exhibition honoring Moira Roth

All Over The Map A Festschrift Exhibition honoring Moira Roth was a year-long exhibition honoring the extraordinary work of this London-born, California-based art historian, poet, and artist (moiraroth.com). The exhibition is culled from a weekend-long event of both formal and impromptu installations and performances that took place at the Poor Farm in July 2010.


All Over The Map featured artworks, installations, artifacts, and collections around the themes of memory and history, and the mapping of time and space. It included works and artifacts by Claudia Bernardi, Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt, Allan Kaprow, Faith Ringold and many others. There was also a series of exhibitions curated by Moira Roth and Annika Marie: among them, In Memory of The Poor Farm: Fragments of a History and Remembering the American/Vietnam War.